Itzchak Kornfeld, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, delivers his presentation “The Human Right to Water on the Wind River Indian Reservation” on Tuesday at the University of Wyoming College of Law. Kornfeld discussed the legacy of contaminated groundwater left by the Susquehanna-Western uranium mill near Riverton, and asked whether Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho… Read More

Starting in 1958, the Susquehanna-Western company processed uranium to make yellowcake near the Wind River Indian Reservation towns of Arapahoe and St. Stephens. When the mine closed in 1963, it left piles of radioactive tailings on the site until 1988, when the U.S. Department of Energy removed the hazardous materials for burial in the Gas Hills. By… Read More

Wyoming v. Colorado was a dispute over the allocation of a river originating in Colorado: the Laramie River. The Laramie flows down the eastern flank of Colorado’s Front Range, through the Roosevelt Forest, and then turns north entering Wyoming. This dispute also turned on the doctrine of prior appropriation – first in time, first in… Read More