International water allocation disputes have been a constant in the universe of international disputes, as is demonstrated by the suite of disputes selected herein.  Today, the issues that led to these disputes and other environmental and natural resources threats, are more problematic than they were in the past, as a consequence of the persistent expansion… Read More

(1) The recently outed lead (Pb) contaminated water “find”/”event” in Michigan; the previously – and generally forgotten (2) Toledo Water crisis – An algal toxin in Lake Erie contaminated the drinking water used by Toledo and many of its suburbs in August, 2014. It prompted a “do not drink” advisory for parts of three days and fueled… Read More

Brazil drought: water rationing alone won’t save Sao Paulo     Every inhabited continent, to varying degrees, has areas where there is extremely high water stress. These are areas where more than 80% of the local water supply is withdrawn by businesses, farmers, residents and other consumers every year. These so-called stressed areas are also… Read More

  The issue of the sharing or allocation of transboundary water in today’s drought-filled climate impacted era, is a critical one.  It is premised on a simple and irrefutable truth: essentially, the leaders of most of the States of the Union and nation-states have failed to put to use that which they learned or should… Read More

  California’s Mountains Are Ablaze and there’s no Water to Quench the Fire On an early February afternoon in 2015, the side of a mountain southeast of Newburgh, California is ablaze. It resembles Moses’ burning bush – but here, the blaze consumed the forest. This is summer weather. Nevertheless, it is the dead of winter;… Read More

Link: India’s global warming fears: Floods in West Bengal Was this caused by global warming? By Jill McGivering in Delhi In India, weather-related natural disasters already cause annual chaos. Two months ago, whole regions of West Bengal disappeared under water – rescue workers had to use boats to give emergency help to more than… Read More

LA Times, Environment: Environmental news from California and beyond Greywater Report looks at Wastewater’s Potential From: Single Family Greywater System (After Art Ludwig. Create an Oasis with Greywater. 5th edition 2007).   From, From new380/pages/grey water.html About 50% of the water used inside U.S. homes can be reused to irrigate landscapes and flush toilets, according to a greywater report… Read More

In a region that imports water, much goes to waste Southern California laid miles of pipe and tunneled through mountains to import water. But it also built a storm drain system to quickly get rid of rainfall. The contradiction played out again this week. By Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times December 24, 2010,0,592116.story It… Read More

The $13-billion project would carry water under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River estuary to southbound aqueducts. Environmental groups assail the plan. By Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times,0,4140245.story December 16, 2010 State officials Wednesday recommended construction of a $13-billion tunnel system that would carry water under the troubled Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to southbound aqueducts,… Read More