Human Rights lawyers in North America know that although the societies of Canada and the United States believe that human rights are uniform and fair. They in fact are not.  Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to water, climate justice and indigenous people.  Poverty is also a driver in the realm of climate… Read More

  Transitional justice frameworks only address discrete portions of the historical injustices that indigenous peoples have suffered at the hands of their colonial state.  For example, in Canada, the government has attempted to apologize to the First Nations and has in some cases paid reparations in order to alleviate some of the prevailing racism and… Read More

Transitional justice is  a  an approach to achieving fairness or just treatment during the turn around from  conflict and/or state repression to one where justice is being pursued.  In attempting  to achieve the state’s accountability and the redressing of victims rights.   Indeed, transitional justice affords victims a recognition of their  rights.  It also  promotes… Read More